Bluetooth Game Controllers: Top 9 Reviews (2020)

Bluetooth Game Controllers: Top 9 Reviews (2020): A Bluetooth powered controller will come for the rescue, whether the communication screen or the usual touch screen or mouse configuration doesn’t suit the game you’re playing, and a wired gamepad is too restrictive. It can be connected by USB cable or a 2.4 gigahertz dongle in several button layouts and setups with rechargeable or replaceable batteries sometimes.

9. 8BITDO M30

Bluetooth Game Controllers: 8BITDO M30
Manufacturer: 8Bitdo | Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS, Android | Connection: Bluetooth, Wireless
This Bluetooth game controller is the kind of controller you’re looking to use with Sega Genesis. This controller is additionally compatible with Nintendo Switch, macOS, Android, and PC, but it’s planned with Sega’s classics in intellect.

Sega’s classics can be played with new features such as USB-C ports and mapping turbo features. Its ergonomic nature fits conveniently in your hands and helps you to play for hours without having to stop.

8BITDO’s M30 is a nice cheap retro controller, which is really inexpensive. Particularly for Sega Genesis fans who want to have a state-of-the-art Bluetooth controller. The controller is good to keep and easy to play with, even though you don’t have Sega Genesis.


Classic and pleasant style
Many connection choices for Bluetooth


There are no analog sticks for more advanced game regulation
The manual does not clarify the remapping of the direction pad

8. 8BITDO SN30 Pro 2

Best Bluetooth Game Controllers: 8BITDO SN30 Pro 2
Manufacturer: 8Bitdo | Compatibility: Android, macOS, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Windows | Connection: Bluetooth, Direct USB Connection
Nintendo Switch, Android, Windows, macOS, and Steam are compatible with the 8BITDO SN30 Pro 2. And while it looks like a vintage controller, it has all the functionality from a new Bluetooth controller you would need or want.

The controller can be controlled via Bluetooth or direct USB. Better still, the SN30 Pro 2 comes as a match for retro consoles such as GameCube and Nintendo 64 in a range of colors.

It has a complete range of buttons with home and screenshot controls. It has clickable handlebars, vibration sound, and even movement buttons.

It is packed with functionality for anything that feels like retro as it looks. This is a comprehensive option if you want to see the old school of vintage controllers, but not compromise new technology.


Runs on many devices
Double analog sticks for modern games and enough controls
Motion and sound sensors


Tiny, thin size in broad hands can be awkward.
Analog sticks are a little too tiny to be exact.
Too close together are the face buttons grouped.

7. Razer Raiju Mobile Controller

Bluetooth Gaming Controllers: Razer Raiju Mobile Controller
Connectivity: USB-C or Bluetooth | Battery Life: Up to 23 hours | Charging: USB-C
If you are eager to find more of a professional mobile Bluetooth controller, try the Razer ones.

The Razer Raiju Mobile Controller has all the bells and whistles that a high-end Bluetooth controller and some of them would suspect.

It consists of high-quality fabrics and textured plastics, which feel outstanding in the hands, which makes you feel like you don’t want to let go of this controller.

With the additional function of a built-in phone clamp, the configuration and construction of the controller are substantially identical to Xbox One.

It has a 23-hour rechargeable battery, two USB-C cables to charge or set a wired connection to your phone, and a hair-trigger button to make those shots off quicker.


Well designed with a comfortable grip
Easy to pair and connects fast over Bluetooth
Includes hair-trigger locks for shorter travel
Comes with cables for wired connection and charging
Functions well for every Bluetooth control-supporting game and app


Can’t configure on-screen touchpoints map buttons
Phone handle blocks volume control access
The button clicks will make you hate or love it

6. GameSir T4 Pro

GameSir T4 Pro
Manufacturer: GameSir | Compatibility: PC, iPhone, Android, Android Phone, Nintendo Switch | Connection: Bluetooth, Wireless, Wired
The Bluetooth compatible GameSir T4 Pro controller has a 6.5′′ cable if you want to use it wired. You will be able to play for long periods of time with its comfortable ergonomic design.

There are five different speed stages asymmetric vibrating motor to further boost the gaming experience. Each collision or explosion you WILL feel in the controller, making you stay engaged in the game.

If you want a more quiet gameplay experience, you can also change the level of motor vibration. Apart from being ergonomic, it’s very cool in architecture.

Its semi-transparent covering allowing you to see the controller’s inner workings. The D-pad and the right joystick on the outside are then backlit with LED.

If it’s too bright, you can change the brightness of the LED lighting. This Bluetooth game controller is specially built for version 10, 8.1, or 8.7 of Windows PC.

The GameSir T4 Pro controller has a GameSir MCU chip that helps you to respond faster and to do better overall when playing.


Various solutions for connectivity
Well built, lightweight, and easy.
Quick and very flexible
Functions for macro recording
Excellent price


Absolutely plastic design
Can become slippery
The back button position is a bit awkward

5. SteelSeries Stratus Duo

SteelSeries Stratus Duo
Manufacturer: SteelSeries | Compatibility: PC, Steam, VR, Mobile | Connectivity: 2.4GHz, Bluetooth v4.1, or Wired USB
The SteelSeries Stratus Duo features a 20-hour rechargeable battery. It is much less colored, with a streamlined all-black appearance.

The Stratus Duo will connect to Windows and Steam via Wireless 2.4GHz, in addition to running a Bluetooth connection.

It’s fine if you don’t have Bluetooth on your desktop – just plug the USB wireless adapter into your computer.

The only big drawbacks were the lack of USB-C charging and a somewhat spongy D-pad. Leading to the gray-on-black system, the label on the buttons is often very difficult to read.

When playing games on a phone, The Stratus Duo is better suited to a phone stand or SteelSeries SmartGrip. It is substantially lighter than the 245-grams Stratus XL so that gamers can make it more portable.


20-hour rechargeable battery
Conceived for ease
Pairs still consistently fast
Switch from Android to PC easily
Connects with a USB adapter via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi


Haptic feedback is absent
Extra charges for mobile holders
TV support for Android is skewed

4. DualShock 4 PS4 controller

DualShock 4 PS4 controller
Manufacturer: Sony | Compatibility: PC, Android, Apple | Connectivity: Bluetooth
You might not have to jump to a DualSense controller right away if you do not intend to pick up a PS5. Instead, you can select more than a dozen colors from a trusty DualShock 4 controller.

Only take a look at the DualShock 4 and you know it’s a controller from PlayStation. It looks as you are used to, lined with a headphone jack, touch interface, and more.

It’s great to take the DualShock 4 whether you’re a smartphone or PC player. Naturally, if you come from an Xbox background, it may not be as soft of a transition.

Sony has refined the DualShock controls of the fourth generation with responsive triggers and stronger controls.

Another special aspect is the built-in light bar but it does not do much without the mood for your playing.


Feel and look great
Speaker built-in
Motion sensors are extremely sensitive


It’s a little too light at times
Trackpad has limitations

3. Sony DualSense

Sony DualSense
Manufacturer: Sony | Compatibility: PC, Android | Connectivity: Wireless
The Core Bluetooth game controller will help you look at the future of Xbox, but, when released, the Sony DualSense controller will pair you with the new PlayStation 5.

It maintains some of DualShock’s previous controllers’ design cues, but the new DualSense feels more like a spacecraft than anything else.

The white controller is one of the greatest improvements in the new generation. The most recent DualShock choices came from the box, but the DualSense matches the PS5 itself.

As with other essential updates, the DualShock is developing an integrated stimulus setup, such that when you communicate with different parts of your environment you feel different responses.

The 3.5 mm headphone jack and built-in microphone from Sony’s DualSense lets you chat with your friends.

A button for sharing your content and going to live on your chosen streaming channels is available.

You can’t easily swap AA batteries, better or worse, and carry on playing – the controller only charges via USB-C.


Triggers for being adaptive
Haptic feedback improved
Latest textured grips, thumbsticks, and triggers
Microphone built-in and create button


Layout of symmetric thumbstick
Triggers do not behave as ergonomic

2. Xbox One Core Controller

Manufacturer: Microsoft | Compatibility: Windows 10 PCs, Android, iOS, Tablets | Connectivity: Wireless
Although it might be familiar to use the Xbox One game controller, the Xbox One Core controller is a sneak peek of the latest features.

It is still in the pre-order process, but you’ll pair the new Xbox S and X Series when it is released with the Core Controller.

It reminds you of the new control unit at first sight, but slight changes can make a big difference. First of all, the D-Pad is rounded, so it feels like the luxurious Xbox One Elite controller.

It can have a better solution than the basic four-direction pad it succeeded. Microsoft has also reworked the buttons and bumpers, introducing a tapering texture to enhance grip in the core of the shift.

The control has new share buttonand it keeps the same 3.5mm headphone jack.
Gaming is more interactive than it has ever been, so the highlights deserve to be seen.


Data Not Available


Data Not Available

1. Xbox One Bluetooth Controller

Manufacturer: Microsoft | Compatibility: Windows 10 PCs, Tablets | Connectivity: Wireless
Either on a laptop, a PC, a Mac, or an Android device, the Xbox One Bluetooth controller is brilliant. Plus, you may even have one if you are in console gaming.

There is an explanation why certain other choices look like Xbox controllers on the rest of the list. The design has been proven and valid.

With superior controls and sensitive buttons, it feels fantastic in your hands.

The D-pad on the newest version of Bluetooth is a lot better than the original Xbox One, but there might be better choices for retros or fighting games.

Two AA batteries are used with the Xbox One Bluetooth controller which should last around 40 hours.

You can also purchase the more environmentally-friendly Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, which has a little lifespan of 30 hours. The 3.5mm jack is also right on the top of the controller.


Outstanding design
Available color combination
Bluetooth for making PC use easier
Classic design


Not refillable without additional purchasing
Will not survive as long as the Elite

Do You Need a Bluetooth Game Controller in Reality?

Mobile gaming has become a serious industry on both Android and iOS mobile phones.

You will actually survive only with a touch screen on your phone while you stick to the standard range of shooter, RPG, puzzle games, and platformers in the app store.

More quality Console Emulators and VR platforms, such as Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Daydream, however, require some kind of controller for more smartphone games.

In other words, for more than just gaming, we can use video game controllers. That is why we have undertaken to supplement the best Bluetooth Game Controllers for and beyond mobile games.

Our choices concentrate primarily on compatibility with Android as it is the world’s most common OS.

Numerous of these controllers are also PC and iOS compatible so that they can be for a wider variety of applications. The portability, button layout, and prices are the main differences.


Take a minute to point out what you’re looking for and selecting the right Bluetooth Game Controllers for your unique needs would be much simpler.

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