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Best Xbox One Game Controllers for (2020)

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Best Xbox One Game Controllers: The best Xbox One controllers always fit with your gaming PC well, and you don’t need a USB cable if you have the Xbox One wireless controller adaptor. We also compiled a list of only the best controllers to help you sort out the large selection of  Xbox One controllers. These will appeal to serious players as well as people who simply want to explore other options.

1. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2

Best Xbox One Game Controllers

Best Xbox One Game Controller: Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2

Microsoft has closed up the controller concept, but with its quality layout and enhanced components, the Xbox Elite controllers are on the highest level. The Xbox Elite Series 2 is an updated version of the previous model. The Xbox Elite Series 2 uses a powerful controller, covered both front and back in tons of grip texture, so you can hold on even at more intense game moments.

It has mechanical, interchangeable thumbsticks, and an adjustable D-Pad, switchable triggers and four-button paddles that can move into the controller’s foundation. These paddles allow you to use all your buttons without taking your thumbs off the joysticks.

While the Xbox Elite 2 controller is higher than the regular controller price than the normal version, there are even more upgrades included. It comes with a sturdy, elegant case with a charging stand that can wirelessly power the device. The controller can load its upgraded USB-C port as well.

2. Official Xbox Controller

The Next Best Xbox One Game Controller

The Next Best Xbox Controller: Official Xbox Controller

It is difficult to beat the iconic Xbox controller bundled in each Xbox One set. This is a suitable choice if you are looking to add or need a backup for the second controller in your arsenal. Remember that the Xbox controller is revised by Microsoft, so it’s provided with Bluetooth compatibility and a highly standardized finish.

This is one of the best Xbox One Game Controllers for just $40, given these updates. Without the need to swap batteries regularly, you can purchase the charging kit to add additional life to your device, or you can just toss a couple of double-As in there. Available in a variety of colors, the Xbox Wireless controller is a great mix of cost and convenience.

3. Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

Best Third-Party Xbox One Game Controller

Best Third-Party Xbox Controller: Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

The Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition focuses on building consistency and adaptation choices for hardcore games. It comes with four programmable buttons and a quick control panel to perform tasks such as toggling or muting the volume to keep your roommate or partner from getting annoyed. Rigid analog sticks and rubber handles are built to last for long game sessions without losing the grasp.

4. Razer Atrox Arcade Stick

Best Xbox One Fight Stick

Best Xbox One Fight Stick: Razer Atrox Arcade Stick

The best way for fighting games is to launch the Razer Atrox Arcade Stick with a gaming stick, which is the best for the Xbox One. With its high-quality Sanwa parts, this luxury combat stick provides exceptional construction quality.

Of course, whether you choose to use a stick and other keys or don’t like the box art, this fighting stick can be opened and virtually all portions of it can be modified.

5. Hori Fighting Commander Pro

Best Xbox One Fight Pad Controller

Best Xbox One Fight Pad Controller: Hori Fighting Commander Pro

A fight stick is an enormous undertaking and a lot of money for only a kind of game to play. You should think about a fighting pad when you’re on the line. The Hori Fighting Commander Pro provides you with an extra button pair and a true D-Pad, which allows you to take out special items.

While it’s fun for battle games and it’s mostly a standard stick, the Hori Fighting Commander Pro allows you to play indie games and anything you want. It’s also wired, which prevents you from hassling to keep it charge, but that can cause you a disadvantage based on your particular game configuration.

6. Xbox Adaptive Controller

Best Customizable Xbox One Game Controller

Best Customizable Xbox One Controller: Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed specifically for those with limited mobility. Just three inputs and two big A and B buttons are supported by the Adaptive Controller, which users can hit with their thumb, forearm, foot or what they have.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller should not, though, be used alone. It has rather 19 jacks with a diameter of 3.5 mm on its back, each of which is equivalent to one button on the standard controller of Xbox One.

Users can plug in a wide variety of keys, foot pedals, levers, sticks, and more into their usability controls, and transform this Xbox Adaptive Controller into a centrally controlled core.

7. Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller

Best Xbox One Game Controllers for Xbox One

Best Xbox Controller for Xbox One: Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller

Thanks to the robust backward compatibility of Microsoft, a large library of original Xbox titles can be played. If you are like us and want to play the game as closely as possible to the original experience, you need the Duke.

Perhaps the Hyperkin Duke was not created by Microsoft, but it’s been officially licensed by Xbox. The controller emulates the whole original experience of the Xbox Controller from its big circular form to almost excessive thumbsticks resistance. Naturally, this blast from the previous device retains black and white buttons from the old school to complete it.

8. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel: Leather Edition

Best Xbox One Racing Wheel

Best Xbox One Racing Wheel: Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel: Leather Edition

In the process of the Forza and other racing games, nothing hit the sensitive and intense power input for a driving board. You should get the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel: Leather Edition if you’re going to have more realistic driving experience on the Xbox One.

This wheel offers some of the best control input from a wheel powered by a chain. It is also upholstered by soft leather for skipping wearing gloves and using an Xbox guide button to easily access your dashboard commands.

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