The 8 Best Keyboards for Xbox One

Best Keyboards for Xbox One of (2019). These keyboards for Xbox one have pads that create typewriting virtually as simple as on their full-sized counterparts, without getting in the way of the game. One of these Best Keyboards For Xbox One will be your favorite!

Best Keyboards For Xbox One

Best Keyboards for Xbox One

1. Microsoft Xbox One Chatpad

Best Keyboards For Xbox One: Microsoft Xbox One Chatpad


Connect the Xbox one keyboard to the back of the Xbox One wireless controller, and then insert the 2.4G receiver to any USB interface of the Xbox One console, then you can start the text message and email in the games to execute text input function. with optimal keyboard design, you can type quickly only by your thumbs, which makes it more convenient and comfortable to use.


  • It is designed with number keys form 0-9 and 26 English letter keys and some assistant keys, total are 47 keys.
  • It is very easy and suitable for input emails and instant messages.
  • It is really a perfect combination of the wireless controller and the keyboard.
  • The keyboard draw power from the wireless controller directly, there is no need to charge it with a charging cable.
  • This keyboard adopts a 2.4G wireless protocol to transfer data, attached with a 2.4G receiver to use

2. Microsoft All-In-One

Best Keyboards For Xbox One: Microsoft All-In-One

Helping to make multimedia entertainment easy, the Microsoft All-In-One sports a touchpad to fully streamline your console’s operation. Just don’t tell this plug-and-play device that the Xbox One doesn’t natively support wireless keyboards, because it will prove your wrong.

  • Transmits to USB using RF wireless
  • Also works with many smart TVs
  • Inexpensive yet high quality

3. Moko Mini

Best Keyboards for Xbox One: Moko Mini


  • COMPATIBILITY – Fits perfectly any version of the Xbox One controller, including the Elite and Xbox One S.
  • GREEN BACKLIGHT – The keyboard draws power from the Xbox One’s wireless controller directly. Just push this product into Xbox One controller and press the “Xbox” key, the keyboard backlight will light up. If the keyboard does not operate within 10 seconds, the backlight will automatically go into power saving state.
  • CHAT WHILE PLAY – With firm buttons to type, text, email, enter codes. Ideal for group chats while playing games. 2.4G wireless protocol(receiver) to transfer data. Suitable for 4-stage 3.5mm earphones.
  • ENJOY THE SOUND – Audio jack port which fits any kind of 3.5mm audio devices. Connects your headphones, earphones or headset to be wired for sound.
  • ULTRA COMPACT – It feels good on your hand, and all the same makes a superior accessory for your game-time.

The Moko Mini connects you to friends and team members without any bulky components getting in your way or unbalancing the controller. Because it’s smaller than most other options, it’s a great choice for kids or anyone with smaller hands.

  • Also functions as a headset adapter
  • Approximately 10-hour battery life
  • Includes dongle and charging cable

4. Ortz Chatpad

Ortz Chatpad


While there are dozens of Xbox One accessories, the Keyboards for Xbox One is indeed one of the most popular. This accessory extends the functionality, ease of use and convenience of your Xbox One controllers, making those intense gaming sessions even better!

The Ortz Chatpad is a lightweight option that won’t throw off the balance of the rest of the controller. It has 2 programmable buttons that you can use for custom quick keys, and the rubber controls are quick and light, like a high-quality Personal-Computer (PC) keyboard.

  • Full qwerty keypad
  • Snaps easily into place
  • Buttons are very responsive

5. GamersDigital Mini

GamersDigital Mini


If you do a lot of typing in Xbox One games or apps, then the GamersDigital Mini is a must-have accessory. Compatible with all Xbox versions, including the Elite, this full QWERTY keyboard connects via the controller’s data port. For games that involve heavy multi-player communication, the GamersDigital Mini is the fastest, most efficient way to send text messages, add names and descriptions for custom decals, and car designs or name characters.

Plenty of Xbox One apps supports keyboards for Xbox One, as well. The GamersDigital Mini Wireless Chatpad lets you input log-in information and do random browsing of popular streaming services. The GamersDigital Mini is a lightweight, wireless option that’s easy to type on without feeling like you’re holding a giant monstrosity in your hands. When plugged in, you still have access to your audio jack, so you can use a headset or earphones simultaneously.

6. Xim Apex

Best Keyboards For Xbox One: Xim Apex


XIM APEX provides the highest precision mouse and keyboard experience on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Unsurpassed quality, ease-of-use, and flexibility, XIM APEX is the perfect companion to the even most demanding gamer. XIM APEX empowers gamers with the state-of-the-art without bombarding them with unneeded complexity.

Through XIM’s unique Smart Translator technology, XIM APEX is able to provide unparalleled 1-to-1 gaming precision that consistently performs in every game you play. It’s quick and easy to set up your preferred gaming environment through its wireless smartphone tool. XIM APEX enables gamers to choose their preferred input devices whether gaming at a desk, or from a couch in the living room.

7. Ortz White

Ortz White


Easy to Use: just connect this Xbox One Keyboard with Xbox One (S) controller, insert the 2.4G receiver to the USB port of the Xbox One (S) console. This wireless chat keypad will effortlessly snap into the game controller for a snug fit.

If you have an Xbox One S, then the Ortz White is a must-own accessory. Besides being arguably the most elegant option on the market, it also offers an easy connection and accurate typing. It only requires syncing once, which is very handy, indeed.

  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Made from high-quality plastic
  • No delay in responsiveness

8. MoKo Keypad

MoKo Keypad


It is designed with number keys to form 0-9 and 26 English letter keys and some assistant keys, 47 keys in total. – A perfect combination of the wireless controller and the keyboard. The keyboard draws power from the wireless controller directly, so there is no need to charge it with a charging cable.

No matter which version of the Xbox One you have, the MoKo Keypad will make an enjoyable addition to your gaming experience. With 47 keys in total, including a full number row, it closely mimics a full-size keyboard. It does tend to register strokes multiple times, though.

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Good support from seller
  • Difficult to snap on initially

Best Keyboards For Xbox One

That’s all of the 9 Best Keyboards for Xbox One of 2019. Which Keyboards for Xbox One are you going to pick? Is it the Xim Apex, Ortz Chatpad, or the Microsoft All-In-One? Tell us in the comments below!

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