The 6 Best Steering Wheel For Xbox One

Best Steering Wheel For Xbox One of (2019). Steer your excitement into the fast lane with one of these Best Steering Wheel for Xbox One. They come with a host of features, including active feedback, responsive pedals, and multiple programmable buttons. One of these realistic controllers is sure to increase your enjoyment of all the racing games on Microsoft’s flagship console.

Best Steering Wheel For Xbox One

Best Steering Wheel For Xbox One

6. TX Racing Leather

Best Steering Wheel for Xbox One: TX Racing Leather


Hand-stitched leather wheel for ultimate comfort in a race. Ultra-responsive and realistic force effects with no latency. New dual-belt friction-free optimized mechanism. Smooth and seamless action – super silent system. High-precision racing wheel. H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology featuring a contactless magnetic sensor = precision that will not decrease over time. 16-bit resolution (i.e. 65 536 values on the steering axis).

Rotation angle adjustable up to 900. Internal memory and upgradeable firmware (via PC compatibility). Controller pairing led for Kinect detection. T3PA pedal set included – 3 pedals and internal structure = 100% metal Conical Rubber Brake Mod included ensuring progressive resistance Fully adjustable = optimal comfort. PC compatibility (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10).

For long-term reliability and the ultimate experience in realism, the TX Racing Leather wheel is guaranteed to impress. Using a next-gen servo motor, it provides feedback from hitting bumps, popped tires, or centrifugal force. The all-metal parts are built to last.

  • Favored by real racers in simulation
  • Fully adjustable 3 pedal set
  • Above-average price

5. Ferrari 458 Spider

Best Steering Wheel for Xbox One: Ferrari 458 Spider


  • Comprehensive equipment for all racing situations, with 2 paddle shifters, 9 action buttons, 1 Manettino, 1 D-Pad, 1 Xbox Guide button and 1 pairing detection LED for Kinect.
  • 2 red textured rubber grips, inspired by motorsports, ensuring optimum comfort when using the 28 cm diameter, 7/10 replica of the Ferrari 458 Spider’s racing wheel.
  • Wheelbase featuring Thrustmaster’s patented Bungee Cord mechanism, delivering linear resistance for greater comfort and intuitive control.
  • With its adjustable steering sensitivity, automatic centering feature and 240 Degree rotation angle, the racing wheel offers unrivaled precision.
  • Pedal set featuring a wide footrest, pedals whose angle of inclination can be adjusted, and a brake pedal with progressive resistance, delivering a customizable experience and ensuring realistic racing sensations.

The Ferrari 458 Spider is a very stylish option with slightly advanced features, such as linear resistance, wide adjustable pedals, and an LED pairing indicator for easy setup. While it provides a realistic racing feel, serious drivers will want a more customizable option.

  • Affordable mid-range choice
  • Driver controlled wheel sensitivity
  • Exact scaled replica

4. Thrustmaster TMX

Thrustmaster TMX


  • 900-Degree force feedback base. Mixed belt-pulley and gears system, metal ball-bearing axle
  • Realistic “competition” wheel design: 11”/28cm in diameter, with an ergonomic design perfectly adapted for all racing games (GT, f1, NASCAR, rally, etc.)
  • Xbox one certified embedded software: the racing wheel is automatically recognized by the Xbox one, compatible with all Xbox one racing games supporting racing wheels
  • Also compatible with pc (windows 10/8/7/vista) ensured thanks to the Thrustmaster drivers
  • Large, optimized pedal set: pedals with wide footrest, each pedal’s angle of inclination can be adjusted, brake pedal with progressive resistance

The Thrustmaster TMX is automatically recognized by Xbox as soon as it’s turned on. This incredible next-gen set is adjustable in almost every way to give you the most comfortable and realistic driving experience possible.

  • Wide footrest under pedals
  • Progressive resistance on the brake
  • Mixed pulley-gear feedback system

3. Fanatec Forza Motorsport

Fanatec Forza Motorsport


Best Steering Wheel for Xbox One: Fanatec Forza Motorsport

The ClubSport Steering Wheel GT Forza Motorsport is designed and developed to provide you authentic racing experience with endless adjustment opportunities.

Future Proof

The steering wheel follows the ClubSport series high-quality and performance standards and is developed as fully compatible to Xbox One platforms making the steering wheel the high-end way to go.

Product bundle

The steering wheel is a bundle of the ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for Xbox One and the ClubSport Wheel Rim GT “Forza Motorsport”. You can enjoy the full modularity of the Universal Hub and it comes with the same features and components.

Authentic and fine materials

The rim is made in brushed and anodized Aluminum and covered in genuine smooth leather with white stitching. The diameter is 33cm, like in a real race car.

Unlimited customization

It is only up to YOU how you design your steering wheel. Place as many buttons as you want and where you want them.

Adjustable button elements

Either use the integrated buttons on top of the Universal Hub or position additional buttons wherever you want them. The 7-function FunkySwitch element can be used to navigate.

Free choice of shifter paddles

Use no shifter paddles or the static shifter paddles on the base unit. You can also add small paddles for small rims or the big and super adjustable shifter paddles.

The premium-quality Fanatec Forza Motorsport offers top-of-the-line precision and feel in this set of a wheel and three pedals. Officially endorsed by the premier Xbox One racing franchise, it’s as close to a direct-drive system as you can get on a console.

  • Leather-bound 33 cm rim
  • Twelve customizable buttons
  • Very expensive for most gamers

2. Logitech G920

Best Steering Wheel For Xbox One: Logitech G920
Product Information
Enjoy precision gaming control with the Logitech G920 Driving Force wheel and pedals set. You can rely on this controller for an intuitive gaming experience. It is a wired device, which connects easily to the console. This controller can be used with Microsoft Xbox One and PC for bringing entertainment to the next level right in your home. It’s a Steering Wheel for Xbox One.

The Logitech G920 provides realistic steering and pedal action shifters, for a truly immersive racing experience when playing the latest titles. Its solid steel ball bearings and pedals further ensure its longevity over time, and it has an optional matching shifter.

  • Easy-access game controls
  • Anti-backlash hardware
  • Extremely responsive foot pedals

1. Ferrari F1

Best Steering Wheel For Xbox One: Ferrari F1


The racing wheel offers two rotary encoder switches (allowing direct, on-the-track optimization of the car’s race settings), eight push-buttons (with a 6.5 N dual-detent pressure), three 4.5 N metal switches with 3 positions and an automatic centering feature, two 2.5 N 8-directional D-Pads, and two up/downshifters.

The Ferrari F1 is a full-size replica of the Formula 1 Ferrari 2011 racing wheel. Its reinforced scratched-brushed metal face promotes superior stability, while its extensive equipment offers precision modification. The comfortable rubber grip allows for extended gameplay.

  • 29 programmable functions
  • Push-and-pull sequential shifters
  • Also works with PlayStations and pcs

Steering Wheels For Xbox One To Give You a Real Feel

Right around the same time the Gran Turismo franchise began its grand tour as the best-selling PlayStation exclusive to date, Microsoft developed its own racing wheel, the Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro, using haptic technology patented by Immersion Corporation.

Without force feedback, every time you turn your racing wheel and encounter no resistance, you feel like you’re driving a hover car, or playing a videogame for that matter. But a small motor or two inside the steering column, exerting opposing forces based on how fast you are driving, where you are driving, and how hard you turn the wheel gives the illusion that you’re actually driving a car.


Which one of these Steering Wheel For Xbox One do you think is the best? Is it the Fanatec Forza Motorsport, TX Racing Leather, or the Ferrari 458 Spider? Tell us in the comments below!


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