The 6 Best PlayStation Stand

PlayStation Stand: Top 6 of (2019). It’s vital to defend your investment, that is why finding a top quality PlayStation stand is so important. Going vertical will not just help stop your system from overheating, it’ll also free up space in your entertainment center, as well as keep things looking nice and sleek.

Best PlayStation Stand

PlayStation Stand: Top 6 of (2019)
PlayStation Stand: Top 7 of (2019). As such, it is vital to defend your investment, that is why finding a top quality PlayStation stand is so important.

1. Keten PS4 Pro Stand

Best PlayStation Stand: Keten PS4 Pro Stand


If you are all regarding function, then the Keten PS4 Pro PlayStation Stand will be the ideal fit for you. It has 2 convenient LED indicator lights to indicate to you the charging status of your controllers, and it’s many USB spaces to accommodate all of your alternative gaming accessories.


  • Multi-Function: PS4 PRO Vertical stand + a pair of units Controller charging stunt + cooling fan + three HUB ports. Conformity: PS4 pro
  • Excellent cooling effect: We’ve got enough chilling by the first fan of PS4 because as a result of it has the inlet for the fan and therefore the slit on the rear. If you’re concerned about the sound, please be confident that it can be turned on/off by the switch on the USB hub side.
  • Improvement on convenience: Convenience improves as a result of if it will charge 2 controllers, and LED light for charge presentation is also hooked in. You’ll enjoy your game better.
  • Space-saving: With multi-function portrait stand style, three charging ports, and 2 controllers will be charged at the same time, the PlayStation Stand will charge your controllers easily, at the same time not taking up space.

2. FastSnail Tech

PlayStation Stand: FastSnail Tech


If you own a PS4 Pro, then this PlayStation stand from FastSnail Tech is excellent for defending your investment. It comes with 2 cooling fans, and also the quantity of warmth they blow off the system is incredible. The docking stations are perfectly formed to handle your controllers snugly.


Help Expand the Life of your Console: The PlayStation Stand is created with 2 cooling fans. It keeps the PS4 PRO cool all day and night during use which helps a lot when it is used by a gamer friend.

More Rational Design: With a button layout, you’ll be able to turn the cooling fans off yet still have the base powered up to charge controllers. Simply plug-and-play, no demand for extra cables.

2 Controller Charger: High output power of charging station to charge a pair of controllers quicker and simultaneously; highlights 2 LED charging indicator showing charge status.

Additional Power Supply Ports: The FastSnail Tech PlayStation Stand 2HUB & 1USB ports permit for charging/connecting additional USB devices, like your cell phone, your back up battery for the cell phone and extra USB devices. Ready for more equipment.

3. Sony Vertical Stand

PlayStation Stand: Sony Vertical Stand


The official Sony Vertical PlayStation Stand works with either the Pro or Slim model, it is a solid, no-frills option for securing your console with no fans or charging docks to fret about, and it’s exceptionally stable, which is excellent if you have disorderly children around. We’re halfway to the list to keep on reading.


  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Environmental protection ABS material.
  • Position Your Console Vertically with the PS4 Slim Vertical PlayStation Stand.
  • Hollow design, PS4 Slim Console heatsink.
  • Simple in look and fashionable in style.
  • Light in weight and very convenient to use.
  • Save a lot of space by standing uprightly.

4. Kootek Vertical Stand

PlayStation Stand: Kootek Vertical Stand


If you would like your PS4 Slim to last, then buying a Kootek Vertical PlayStation Stand is a must. Just turn the fans on once you are on a point of starting a marathon gaming session and your system will stay cool and safe. It additionally comes with a pair of hub ports for added versatility.


  • Vertical Stand: Brace stabilizers ensure that your console stays in a very stable vertical position firmly and safely.
  • High-speed Fans: 2 built-in fans ( 1.57″ ) keep your PlayStation 4 cool and calm, no more overheating and burning for absolutely no reason, improve the operational life span.
  • Controller Charging Station: The PlayStation Stand has two chargers with high power to charge each controller quicker, while two LED charging indicator showing charge status. Note: The charger will stop working when the PlayStation Stand is on sleep or off mode.
  • 2 USB Charger Ports: two extra USB port permits for connecting extra USB devices, like a mouse, keyboard and different USB devices. Not recommended for charging.

5. Younik with Built-in Cooling Vents

PlayStation Stand: Younik with Built-in Cooling Vents


The PlayStation Stand: Younik with Built-in Cooling Vents is intended to improve your PS4 Slim with a material that matches the surface of the console itself. Its narrow profile can keep it out of your approach giving it an excellent addition to your entertainment center, at a wonderful cost.


  • Specially invented for PS4 Slim Console
  • The PlayStation Stand permits you to collect your PS4 System in its upright vertical position.
  • Smooth gloss and matt textured finish to honor your PS4 Slim.

6. YouShares Pro Stand

PlayStation Stand: YouShares Pro Stand


This 4 in 1 PS4 Pro Vertical Charging and Cooling Dock has 2 built-in fans that make your PS4 Pro console cooling efficiently and silently. Unique appearance design, stylish, neat and space saving. The vertical stand will also charge your PS4 Pro game controller. Excellent for safeguarding your PlayStation 4 Pro. Get pleasure from your fun time with our PS4 Pro vertical PlayStation stand.


  • ALL-IN-ONE BASE – Multifunction as PS4 Pro console vertical PlayStation stand + console cooler dock, DualShock controller charging station + eight controller grip caps, and three USB HUB.
  • POWERFUL SILENT COOLING FANS – Keep your PlayStation 4 pro cool and calm with the vertical cooling stand, no more overheating and burning after long hours of game playing.
  • DUAL CONTROLLER CHARGER DOCK – 2 charging ports designed to charge each of your PS4 Pro controllers synchronously, saving longer time and oftentimes get controllers prepared for the next play.
  • MORE SPACE SAVING – With this vertical stander, your PS4 Pro currently stands vertically and firmly, saving you plenty of opening space meanwhile cooling your PS4 Pro more efficiently at the same time.
  • COMPATIBLE PERIPHERALS – Three additional USB ports permits you to not solely save your game in data storage however also charge your handset or electronics while enjoying your game.


So we are going to talk about why you should use a PlayStation Stand.

PlayStation Stand

Let’s say you have got a PS4, new games, and you are ready to hook it up to you new 4k TV so you’ll enter gaming pleasure — all that is left to do it’s find a position to place it. You can always lay it flat, although that is gonna take up quite a bit of precious space in your play center. Setting a PS4 up vertically permits that console to maintain the littlest amount of shelf space, however, it will be easily tipped over, which is where a PlayStation stand comes to the rescue.

The most basic vertical stands are intended to keep PS4s steady, shielding them from unexpected accidents. It’s technically possible to line up a PS4 vertically without a PlayStation stand, however, doing so raises the opportunity of it falling and getting destroyed. Several of the foremost popular stands feature cooling fans, which might be a little reedy, however also help stop consoles from overheating throughout extended play sessions, preventing unexpected showdowns.

Gamers who are into playing couch co-op with their friends should think about stands with built-in charging stations. They’ll often be used to charge multiple controllers right away and double as storage once they are not being used. Of course, there are also several choices that come with USB ports to make sure that a marathon gaming session will not be cut short by a dead battery, as long as someone contains a long enough cable.

The right PlayStation stand will make an already good console even better. However, they are not the only way to improve the gaming experience. With tons of awesome accessories and peripherals to pick from, stands are really merely the tip of the iceberg.

Are you convinced to buy a PlayStation Stand already? That’s good because you would need one for your PS4.

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