The 10 Best Gaming Chairs

Best Gaming Chairs reviews of (2019). If it’s difficult to sit through long sessions, then it’s time to upgrade your old gaming chairs. The options below offer incredible support, comfortable padding, and adjustable settings, letting you focus on what truly matters.

Best Gaming Chairs

Best Gaming Chairs
Best Gaming Chairs reviews of (2019). If it’s difficult to sit through long sessions, then it’s time to upgrade your old gaming chairs.

1. DX Racer King

Best Gaming Chairs: DX Racer King

Aptly named the King series, this style of DXRacer gaming chair is the first to turn heads. This gaming chair maximizes comfort and size, being one of the widest chair offered by DXRacer. These gaming chairs are built to last!

DXRacer gaming chairs are manufactured under strict quality standards to offer you the the ultimate level of luxury and comfort. Although this chair was originally designed to heighten the gaming experience, it is sure to become your seat of choice for working and relaxing, too. No matter the activity for which you use your DXRacer, it will take your experience to the next level.

Having correct posture is extremely important, and is hard to remember. Luckily, the DX Racer King helps make it easy to sit the proper way, the pads also hold your spine in alignment.

  • Wheels roll smoothly on carpet
  • Comfortable enough to nap in
  • Excellent for fidgeters

2. BirdRock Home

Best Gaming Chairs: BirdRock Home

The BirdRock Home Gaming Chair features a chopped memory foam blend for superior comfort & support. Adjustable to 14 different positions. Great for playing games, watching TV or reading. Use in the living room, kids rooms or anywhere in your home if you ever feel like putting the controller down.

  • Made of plush memory foam
  • Excellent back support
  • Good lower-priced selection

3. OpenWheeler Advanced

OpenWheeler Advanced
Best Gaming Chairs: OpenWheeler Advanced

A Gear Shifter Mount

OpenWheeler+ was originally built with Logitech G25/G27 users in mind. These two Logitech wheels come with a separate module for changing gears manually. Thrustmaster has recently joined the party by releasing the external TH8RS shifter – an add-on for its top-of-the-line T500 RS wheel.

All these great racing game wheels necessitate the presence of a separate piece of hardware called a gearshift mount, which can accommodate the gear shifter coming with them. OpenWheeler+ includes one by default. You can adjust the distance between the wheel and the gearshift mount by moving the latter forwards and backward.

The gearshift mount is the ideal solution for all steering wheels offering a separate module for changing gears, which is not attached to the wheelbase.

Best Gaming Chairs: OpenWheeler Advanced

A Logitech G27

The growing popularity of the G25 was the main reason behind the creation of the OpenWheeler+ gaming seat, which offers a gearshift mount. The Logitech G27 is not an ordinary wheel. There is a six-speed shifter, which requires a separate gearshift mount (OpenWheeler+ has one and you can adjust it by moving it forwards and backward).

The G27’s dual-motor force feedback mechanism will let you feel every inch of the road you are driving on. The wheel offers a 900-degree (2.5 full turns) wheel rotation. Last, but not least, the Logitech G27 features steel gas, brake and clutch pedals.

Best Gaming Chairs: OpenWheeler Advanced

Thrustmaster’s TH8RS Shifter

The 30-cm-wide T500 RS wheel is more solid than Logitech’s G27 wheel and offers stronger force feedback effects and not only that, it supports a 1080-degree (3 full turns!) wheel rotation. Its brake, clutch, and gas pedals are fully adjustable.

A PS3 & PC-Compatible Gaming Seat

A PS3 & PC-Compatible

The Logitech G27 wheel, the Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel, and the TH8RS gear shifter are all compatible with PlayStation 3®. The T500 RS and the G27 will work fine with on Windows PCs. OpenWheeler+ is a PlayStation 3® gaming seat and a PC gaming seat at the same time.

The XBOX 360®, Wii®, and Mac racing game players can consider buying the standard OpenWheeler model, which is compatible with all gaming consoles. With OpenWheeler Advanced, it all comes down to choosing a compatible steering wheel model. The gaming device used by the player is of no importance as far as compatibility is concerned.

OpenWheeler+ will help T500 RS and G27 users take a proper seat and improve their lap times and overall driving skills. With the help of the OpenWheeler+ gaming seat, the players will rediscover the actual beauty of their favorite racing video games.

4. SeatZone Smile Face

Best Gaming Chairs: SeatZone Smile Face

If you’re looking to plant yourself in front of the computer for marathon sessions, the SeatZone Smile Face has breathable mesh upholstery that will keep you from sweating and sticking to the seat when you get up. You are planning to eventually get up, aren’t you?

  • Good for taller users
  • Easy to assemble
  • Provides plenty of head support

5. DX Racer Iron Series

Best Gaming Chairs: DX Racer Iron Series


The DX Racer Iron Series features a 360-degree swiveling base and three-inch double casters for easy mobility. Be careful when you’re rolling around in it, though, because it’s amazingly heavy and you won’t appreciate getting your toes caught underneath it.

  • The stable base is good for leaners
  • Doesn’t creak during movement
  • Cushions may be too firm for some

6. Merax Gaming

Best Gaming Chairs: Merax Gaming

If you want elite performance at a middle-of-the-road price, this offering from Merax Gaming has most of the support and functions you’ll find in more expensive options. It leans really far back, so it keeps you comfy.

  • Removable lumbar and head pillows
  • Extremely easy to adjust
  • Armrests tend to wobble

7. X Rocker Pro H3

Best Gaming Chairs: X Rocker Pro H3

With the X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair, you can now not only hear your music but actually, feel it. Whether you are listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game, you will become a part of the excitement. The X Rocker Pro H3 has four speakers (more than any other X Rocker!). The X Rocker Pro H3 also has additional vibration motors that sync with your audio’s bass tones to create an even more powerful full-body sensation.

The fixed-position gun-stock arms provide extra stability and the heavy-duty padded backrest and headrest will keep you comfortable for hours of gaming. Control panel includes separate volume, bass, and vibration controls, and input and output jacks for connecting to your audio source and to other X Rockers for multi-player games.

The wireless receiver is built-in and the box includes your wireless transmitter that will send audio from any source with headset or RCA outputs to your gaming chair.

Any gamer who doesn’t like getting their headphone cables caught in the arms or under the rockers of a chair will prefer the immersive 4.1 audio layout on the X Rocker Pro H3.

8. Merax Lazy Man

Best Gaming Chairs: Merax Lazy Man

This gaming chair can be adjusted into 14 positions to satisfy your various demands. It allows you to read, watch TV, play games with your family, chat with your friends, or just lie down to enjoy your relaxation time. You will feel very comfortable sitting on this soft and thick seat in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere you want. It is also convenient for you to store under your bed or couch without taking up too much space.

It’s not high-tech, but the Merax Lazy Man will keep your rear off the cold, hard ground. This is a fantastic, no-nonsense solution for anyone who’s simply looking for comfort and doesn’t want to pay through the nose for a bunch of unnecessary noises.

  • Great for reading too
  • Easy to move from room to room
  • Difficult to clean

9. Wensix Gaming

Best Gaming Chairs: Wensix Gaming

This high-backed selection from Wensix Gaming errs on the side of spinal support more than cushioned comfort, so don’t expect to feel like you’re sitting on a cloud – but don’t be surprised if you stop having random aches and pains after long matches, either.

  • Good choice for heavier users
  • The material doesn’t breathe well
  • Footrest isn’t very useful

10. X Rocker Surge

Best Gaming Chairs: X Rocker Surge

The X Rocker Surge can receive signals from almost any Bluetooth-enabled device, letting you enjoy a fully immersive experience without getting wrapped up in wires. But you’ll still have to put up with some cables, as it has to be plugged in and connected to the TV.

  • Good option for mobile gaming
  • Racing-inspired modern style
  • Padding doesn’t hold up very well

Best Gaming Chairs

These are the Best Gaming Chairs we have for you. I’m going to show you 3 Best Gaming Chairs and tell me which one of these best gaming chairs are you going to pick. Is it going to be the DX Racer Iron Series, Wensix Gaming, or the Merax Lazy Man? Tell me in the comments below.

Best Gaming Chairs: DX Racer Iron Series
Best High-End
Best Gaming Chairs: Wensix Gaming
Best Mid-Range
Best Gaming Chairs: Merax Lazy Man
Best Inexpensive

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