The 10 Best Foosball Tables

Best Foosball Tables reviews of (2019). These Foosball tables will have you and the team battling for control for hours at a time.

Best Foosball Tables

Best Foosball Tables of (2019)
Best Foosball Tables reviews of (2019). These Foosball tables will have you and the team battling for control for hours at a time.

1. Tornado Tournament 3000

Foosball Tables: Tornado Tournament 3000

The Tornado Tournament 3000 is the Premium table preferred by discerning players everywhere. The Tornado Tournament 3000 sets the industry standard for smooth play and reliability and is now loaded with new enhancements that keep it at the forefront of the entertainment industry.

If you are looking for some fast-action games, the Tornado Tournament 3000 fits the bill. It is equipped with patented Tornado players that have sharp corners and an improved cross-section, allowing for better ball control whether shooting for a goal or passing.

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2. Atomic Pro Force

Foosball Tables: Atomic Pro Force

Main Features:

  • High-quality foosball table for active play
  • Excellent grip with rubber octagonal handles
  • Includes 4 balls
  • Manual slide scoring
  • Internal ball return and ball entry

Details and Specifications:

You’re going to score big with this Atomic Pro Force in your game room. This high-quality table shows off heavy-duty legs and steel parts to ensure durability for intense games of foosball.

The handles have supreme grips, the internal ball return and ball entry are seamless, the manual slide scoring is a breeze, and the 4 included balls ensure you never have to scour under the couch in search of missing ones.

Attractive and sturdy, this Atomic Pro Force is a keeper and we promise you and your pals will get a kick out of it.


  • High-quality foosball table for active play
  • Excellent grip with rubber octagonal handles
  • Includes 4 balls
  • Manual slide scoring
  • Internal ball return and ball entry
  • Robot-style players
  • Heavy-duty legs and steel parts
  • 13.88-inch x 1-inch MDF aprons with bamboo laminate
  • 0.63-inch chrome hollow steel rods
  • 0.5-inch MDF playfield
  • 4.63-inch L-style leg laminated MDF
  • 3.5-inch leg levelers
  • Dimensions: 56 x 29.5 x 34.5 inches
  • Weight: 108 pounds
  • VMInnovations warranty: 60-day warranty

Item Specifics:

BrandAtomic Games
ModelPro Force Foosball Table
Country/Region of Manufacture
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3. Carrom Signature

Foosball Tables: Carrom Signature
  • Foosball table with 1-inch-thick Moroccan finish
  • 0.375-inch playing surface with enamel screen-printed graphics
  • 5/8-inch, chrome-plated hollow steel rods and 8-sided hardwood handles
  • Premium bearings for fast and smooth spinning; wood-beaded scoring system
  • Measures 50.3 x 36 x 55 inches (W x H x D); weighs 162 pounds
  • Ships LTL by a trucker

A Foosball table that balances high-quality features with a fashionable design too. The Carrom Signature is packed with all the top features and will look great in your game room or home. This Carrom Signature comes equipped with two sets of players, one counter balanced with wider tournament style foot pattern and one hand-painted. The table’s eight-sided hardwood handles guarantees precise player control.

The premium Carrom Signature combines quality and function for hours of action-packed fun. It features a 0.375″ thick playing surface, cross supports to ensure stability, and the option to play with 1 or 3 goalies, depending on your preference.

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4. Kick Ambassador

Foosball Tables: Kick Ambassador

Represent your skills with the Kick Ambassador! The plush mahogany finishing, thick cabinets, and features that are only found on tournament style tables, provide players with masterful playing experience.

Add its precise player control, excellent field play balance and specially designed, easy dribbling counter balanced Foosball men, and your inner (or outer) Foosball enthusiast will thank you. Look no further, this is the table you’ve been looking for with the quality you can trust.

The Kick Ambassador features counterbalanced men that provide solid contact with the ball, and when combined with the smooth bearings, allow for high velocity shots. It has large integrated leg levelers that help you achieve a level playing field on uneven floors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimension: 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H
  • Weight: 126 Pounds
  • Premium Bearings
  • 1/2″ Playing Field
  • Sturdy 5″ Leg Levelers With Rubber Grip to Ensure Flat Surface
  • Convenient Front Ball Return on Side of Table
  • Slide Scoring Mounted On Each End of Table
  • 1-Goalie Design or 3-Goalie Design (Player Preference)
  • 1-Goalie Kit Including Corner Ramps and Rod Stoppers
  • 8 Durable 5/8″ Semi-Solid Stainless Steel Chrome Plated Player Rods
  • 2 Official KICK Foosballs and 2 KICK Soccer Style Balls
  • 13 Blue and 13 Red Counterweighted Foosball Men (Home & Away) and 26 Uniformed Men
  • 8 No-Slip Grip Wooden Handles With Screws & 8 Rod Safety Caps
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5. Tornado Sport TTXSP

Foosball Tables: Tornado Sport TTXSP

The Tornado Sport TTXSP is the perfect table for both starters and the more experienced player. The height adjustment, durable construction, and Mahogany Melamine finish allow for generations of enjoyment from the young, and young-at-heart.

The Tornado Sport TTXSP has a beautiful mahogany melamine finish, giving it a premium look that is sure to impress your friends. It is a good table for both beginners and experienced players, and it is built in the United States to ensure optimum quality control.

  • Mahogany Melamine finish on a 1” thick cabinet
  • Height-adjustable legs with boot levelers
  • SureGrip black plastic handles
  • ¾” melamine playfield with Tornado logo
  • End ball return
  • Includes 3 Foosballs and bottle of silicone
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6. Atomic Gladiator

Foosball Tables: Atomic Gladiator

This Atomic Gladiator adds a new centerpiece to a game room, clubhouse or recreation center with the Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table. Spin the handles like mad to send hard shots careening towards an opponent’s goal, or tap the ball from side to side between players for more precise strikes.

With 13 table soccer players and four handles to a team, you can go one-on-one or step to the side and team up with a friend. Keep the action going with a simple manual scoring system and quick ball retrieval after scored goals. 0.75. in.

MDF surface allows the ball to be moved smoothly across the table, 26 traditional soccer players send the ball flying back and forth when the steel rods are turned. 4.75 in. square post-style legs are equipped with levelers to find a solid surface for playing sliding score system on each end of the board, keeps track of points, built-in cup holders allow players to keep a drink close by.

The Atomic Gladiator is the ideal balance of craftsmanship, playability, and price. It costs a touch under $800, but feels and plays like a table twice the price. Sturdy steel rods tipped with solid wood handles allow for intense gameplay without the worry of damaging it.

  • Tournament quality table that is built to last
  • 15″ deep MDF cabinet with 2″ thick sidewalls
  • 3/4″ MDF playing surface
  • 4 3/4″ square post style legs with levelers
  • 5/8″ solid steel rods and traditional style men
  • 34 3/4″H x 31 1/4″W x 56″L
  • Includes 4 balls and integrated cup holders
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7. Warrior Professional

Foosball Tables: Warrior Professional

Unlike some tables, the Warrior Professional Foosball Table will be delivered to your front doorstep. Warrior the official table of the Professional Foosball Tour is top caliber, a durable, player-friendly table that is made for the professional player and available to the general public and perfect for youth programs.

Players that have tried the table are amazed at what they can do and the ball control they obtain. The play is far advanced to other tables, you will be able to perform all shots and even bank shots are easier. Now you can truly play your best game.

The user-friendly Warrior Professional is made for the serious player looking for a high-quality table. It features a unique rod guard system that is safe for players of all ages, and with its solid build, it’s great for a recration room.

Why people choose the Warrior Table:

  • The Fastest and Easiest table on the market to assemble. (Just over 25 min) One simple tool! Most other tables on the market take 2-5 hours with several tools.
  • ​The only table that comes standard with a Unique Rod Guard system for the safety of players and spectators of all ages.
  • ​No Assembly Rods, complete with men, bumpers, and handles.
  • ​Easy installation of rods. Simply place through opening and attach bearings.
  • ​Center Ball return for convenience when playing or practicing.
  • ​Classic table design with banked corners and 11 counterbalanced black and red men.
  • ​Includes 2 Pro games balls, extra men, pin punch and Free Silicone.
  • ​Sturdy Rubber Swivel foot levelers reduces movement and makes leveling easy.
  • ​Dimension after assembly – 56″x30″x36″
  • ​Weighs approx. 200 lb.s when assembled.
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8. EastPoint Sports Preston

Foosball Tables: EastPoint Sports Preston

The EastPoint Sports Preston is a must-have for any game room. Built for the most competitive of players, this Official Competition Sized Table is sure to keep your friends entertained for hours on end.

The EastPoint Sports Preston bushing system allows your rods to spin and slide with ease, creating the perfect opportunity to strike the ball into the back of your opponents’ goal! Spin, strike, and score your way to victory with the
EastPoint Sports Preston!

The EastPoint Sports Preston is an official competition style model that plays better than its low price point would lead you to believe. Its high-performance bushings promote maximum power transfer from your wrists to the ball.

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9. Hathaway Primo BG1035

Foosball Tables: Hathaway Primo BG1035

This Hathaway Primo BG1035 is our highest quality foosball table. The stylish gaming table cabinet has a durable exterior melamine with a beautiful espresso finish. The sturdy box leg design and cross support beams give the table added stability.

The playfield is cross supported to ensure a true level surface for accurate table play. The solid stainless steel rods, E-Z spin bearings, and ABS counterbalanced players keep the ball in play for continuous fast-paced action! The Hathaway Primo BG1035 was not only designed to look good, but it was also designed to play excellent.

The Hathaway Primo BG1035 delivers a butcher block design with independent stabilizing leg levelers and a thick MDF playing surface. It not only looks good, but it was designed to keep the ball in play for continuous fast-paced action.

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10. American Legend Charger FT200

Foosball Tables: American Legend Charger FT200

Perfect for all ages, the American Legend Charger FT200 features a light oak finish, ½” chrome hollow rods, and chrome cross bar support for added support. Non-slip grips are great for that power shot with your realistic players.

The Charger has an internal ball return system and solid 3.75″ square legs for stability. Keep track of the score with the abacus-style scoring. The table measures 53.5″ L x 26″ W x 34″ H and the 3/16″ MDF playfield resists warping.

The American Legend Charger FT200 offers basic features in an attractive 52″ design. It’s a great option for families with kids who want some indoor fun.

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Best Foosball Tables

These are the best Foosball Tables that I am able to find. Some of the Foosball Tables would look great in a home, game room, or a recreation room, and some of the Foosball Tables are durable enough to go into a bar or other place of business, such as an employee break room.

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