The 10 Best Baby Alive Dolls

Best Baby Alive Dolls reviews of (2019). Our toddler will get the most realistic nurturing experience possible when playing with one of these best baby alive dolls, as they are built to be able to talk, sleep, eat, and even mess with their diapers, just like a real baby.

Best Baby Alive Dolls

1. Lil’ Sips Baby Has a Tea Party

Baby Alive Dolls: Lil' Sips Baby Has a Tea Party

Give your little girl the fun of real babies with the Lil’ Sips Baby Has a Tea Party doll! This little doll drinks and wets just like a real baby. Your little one will love changing her, feeding her, and taking care of her just like a real mom. She comes with all the fixings for a fancy baby tea party, even a sippy teacup! Get the party started with this Lil’ Sips Baby Has a Tea Party doll!

With the Lil’ Sips Baby Has a Tea Party youngsters will always have the presence of a companion for their afternoon festivities. This set comes with a kettle and two cups and, of course, a diaper for this tiny lady to wet after she imbibes a cup of tea.

  • Tiara headband included
  • Cupcake and teddy bear dress
  • Sippy lid for teacups

2. Super Snacks Snackin’ Luke

Baby Alive Dolls: Super Snacks Snackin' Luke

The first boy in the Baby Alive Super Snacks line, the Snackin’ Luke doll is an adorable hungry little guy who loves to spend snack time with his mom or dad! With the reusable solid doll food and snack shaper, kids can get creative and make different kinds of yummy-looking pretend food for him.

After the pretend snacks are ready, kids can scoop them from his dish with his airplane spoon…girls and boys can even play airplane with the doll food and pretend it’s coming in for a landing. Uh oh! It looks like it’s time for a diaper change. Snackin’ Luke “poops” in his diaper! Kids can change his diaper and get him all cleaned up. Then, moms and dads can feed and love him some more!

Includes doll, outfit, diaper, 2 one-ounce containers of reusable doll food, 3 accessories, and instructions. – Make him pretend snacks – Feed him with a bowl and airplane-shaped spoon – He “poops” and kids can change his diaper – Doll comes wearing a cute outfit – Ages 3 and up

Super Snacks Snackin’ Luke offers your child a male baby option. He comes with a wonderful array of pretend edibles, including a juice box and a plate of play foods. Your child can take him out to a lunch date, and will learn responsibility by caring for him.

  • Poops in his diaper after eating
  • Food is reusable
  • Cute airplane-shaped spoon

3. Luv ‘n Snuggle Blonde

Baby Alive Dolls: Luv 'n Snuggle Blonde

Give your little girl something to snuggle and love when you choose the Luv ‘n Snuggle Blonde doll. This standard doll features blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pink, permanently attached flowered onesie. This 12-inch baby doll is appropriate for children over the age of 18 months.

Little girls can have the love and fun of real babies with this Luv ‘n Snuggle Baby doll! She’s a soft and cuddly little doll who needs your daughter to take care of her and cuddle her. She comes with a baby bottle for when she needs comfort and care. Her thumb goes in her mouth, just like a real baby! You’ll love watching your little girl learn about being a mom with the Luv ‘n Snuggle Baby doll!

Children can feed the adorable Luv ‘n Snuggle Blonde with a bottle or use the pacifier to calm their little one. Her small size, included blanket, and large eyes make her the perfect companion for nurturing the caring and cuddling spirit.

  • Self-pacifies with her thumbs
  • Compatible with add-on diaper packs
  • Great for younger toddlers

4. Sips ‘n Cuddles

Baby Alive Dolls: Sips 'n Cuddles

Give your little girl the fun of real babies with the Sips ‘n Cuddles doll! This little doll drinks and wets just like a real baby. Your little one will love changing her, feeding her, and taking care of her just like a real mom.

Sips ‘n Cuddles is an infant-aged option that comes in a beautiful nautical-themed dress. She lets your child experience the joys of parenthood as she drinks from her bottle and wets her diapers. She also comes with a page of fun stickers.

  • Sized for younger kids
  • Feels very well-made
  • Too small for many available clothes

5. Magical Scoops

Baby Alive Dolls: Magical Scoops

Share a sweet experience with the Baby Alive Magical Scoops Baby doll! Girls and boys can have fun preparing the pretend ice cream cone for their baby to eat. Press the scooper against the cone to begin making her snack. Pretend to add toppings, too — shake the sprinkles shaker to hear a funny noise. Press the ice cream cone against the doll’s mouth…all gone! The scoop retracts into the cone so kids can pretend she’s eaten all of her yummy desserts.

Press the cone, again and again, to play out lots of sweet times together. Pretend to wipe her face after her tasty treat using the included bib. The Magical Scoops Baby doll also comes with a comb for brushing her rooted hair before or after enjoying her cone. Includes doll, cone, scooper, sprinkles shaker, bib, comb, and dress. – Push cone to reveal and retract ice cream scoop – Repeatable play – Pretend to prepare to treat with ice cream themed accessories – Brush and style her rooted hair – Ages 3 and up.

The Magical Scoops set encourages pretend play as children can prepare a cool treat for their little charge, just like they’ve seen their parents do. They’ll also get a kick out of watching the included ice cream disappear into the cone as the doll eats it.

  • Sprinkles container makes a sound
  • Bib protects her dress
  • Cute purple comb

6. Butterfly Party Blonde

Baby Alive Dolls: Butterfly Party Blonde

If you want to get your hands on a more comprehensive set complete with a wide variety of accessories, the Butterfly Party Blonde comes in a box that can double as a room. It also has a dresser and a desk, as well as a selection of party supplies.

  • Blank invitations included
  • Blue brush for her hair
  • Some pieces are dangerously small

7. Face Paint Fairy

Baby Alive Dolls: Face Paint Fairy

Imagine fantastic fairy tales with the Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy doll. . . because girls and boys can simulate painting her face to look like a fairy! Fill her wand with ice cold water and drag it along her face like a paintbrush to reveal a beautiful design — it looks like face paint! Wipe her face with a warm hand and her face paint magically disappears to repeat the reveal play again and again. She drinks her bottle — fill it up with water to feed her.

After her bottle, she wets! Moms and dads can clean her up and change her diaper. Her enchanting dress comes with detachable fairy wings for dress-up and fantasy play, making mom and dad moments with the Face Paint Fairy doll magical, too!

The Face Paint Fairy combines the nurturing lessons that these toys impart on their owners with the creative fun of a face painting session. Fill the wand with ice water to reveal predesigned patterns on the doll’s brow that can easily be wiped away with anything warm.

  • Includes fairy wings
  • Glittery pleated skirt
  • Cannot make own designs with paint

8. Better Now Bailey

Baby Alive Dolls: Better Now Bailey

Oh no! Poor Better Now Bailey is home sick today, and she needs someone to take care of her. Give her a checkup to see what’s wrong. She comes with what is needed to take care of her, like a pretend thermometer and stethoscope. Feed her from her bottle and she drink and wets! Then change her diaper. Taking care of Bailey when she’s sick isn’t always easy, but with a caring mom, she’ll bounce back in no time!

If your young one has shown any inclination toward a career in medicine, it can’t be too early to get his or her hands on the Better Now Bailey. The included stethoscope indicates how the doll is feeling and gives your child an opportunity to cure their charge.

  • Includes a pretend thermometer
  • Large chevron pattern on the dress
  • Replacement diapers are expensive

9. Twinkles N’ Tinkles

Baby Alive Dolls: Twinkles N’ Tinkles

Mom moments can feel so magical, especially with the Twinkles N’ Tinkles doll! Her diaper lights up to let girls know she’s tinkled and needs her diaper changed. She makes real drinking sounds when girls pretend to feed her the included bottle. Was that a twinkle? Time for a diaper change! Open her diaper and wipe baby with the included wipe and wipes box. Don’t forget the diaper cream bottle! She thanks mommy after she’s all cleaned up.

She has over 20 phrases and sounds in both English or Spanish. See what she says when her belly is tickled! Her hair is rooted in style and play with, too. Girls can feel like real, responsible mommies pretending to feed, clean, and take care of a baby.

Twinkles N’ Tinkles has cute, shining eyes that stare up at your little ones as they pretend to change her diaper, which lights up to indicate when it’s full. She comes with wipes and cream, just like real parents use on their kids.

  • Speaks in English and Spanish
  • Makes drinking sounds when being fed
  • Does not wet diaper like other dolls

10. Ready For School

Baby Alive Dolls: Ready For School

Babies grow up so fast, so fast that soon enough, mommies will have to send them to their first day of school! How exciting! Getting dressed and ready for school is just as fun as going there.

The Ready For School Baby doll needs mommy’s extra special help getting ready to go. Girls can brush her rooted hair with the included brush to get baby ready for her big day. She comes in a cute outfit, printed with school-themed designs too.

Girls can pretend that their Ready For School Baby doll is spending the day learning the ABCs and 123s in class. Look at the included, small picture book together — they can talk to their doll about the colors and shapes they see. Girls can also share lessons from school, telling their doll in the way a mommy would!

As your young ones approach school age, nothing could be more appropriate than to give them a taste of what you go through every morning with the Ready For School. The only drawback to this model is the limited number of accessories in her box.

  • Hairbrush included
  • Multi-page notebook
  • No backpack for supplies

Best Baby Alive Dolls

All of these baby alive dolls are able to talk, sleep, eat, and even mess with their diapers, just like a real baby do. Which one of these baby alive dolls are you going to pick? We have 3 best baby alive dolls: Best High-End, Best Mid-Range, and Best Inexpensive. These girls will surely love these baby alive dolls!

Baby Alive Dolls: Butterfly Party Blonde
Best High-End
Baby Alive Dolls: Lil' Sips Baby Has a Tea Party
Best Mid-Range
Baby Alive Dolls: Luv 'n Snuggle Blonde
Best Inexpensive

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